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Xpeditions for big thinkers, curious travellers and knowledge seekers. For the perpetual wonderers, and global wanderers.
Learn cutting edge research from our Tour Xperts on the big questions about life, the universe and mind. There is an Xpedition curated for you and your curiosity.

Curated for you and your curiosity

"My experience at the BQX plant medicine retreat was truly first-rate. The shaman guiding us through the journey was nothing short of amazing...My own encounter with the plant medicine led to a profound psychedelic experience that allowed me to explore depths of my consciousness I had never known before. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to explore consciousness"

Helen, Costa Rica, November 2023

"Our trip to the Pilbara was an exceptional experience, enriched by the profound knowledge of our experts. The combination of great science and beautiful scenery, alongside the fascinating sites we visited, was unparalleled. The accommodations, the people we met, the delicious food, and, of course, the stunning locations all contributed to making this journey truly memorable. Especially with the insights provided by the experts, every aspect of our adventure was elevated, leaving us with lasting impressions of the natural wonders and the rich learning we encountered."

Dyson, Pilbara and Karijini National Park, August 2022

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About life, the universe and the mind

BQX’s purpose is to actively contribute and advance fundamental Big Questions research, either financially, scientifically or by contributing time, talent or relationships.

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